We always wanted to transform a school classroom and have the opportunity to rethink traditional learning spaces.

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Idello Is An Initiave Launched By The Groupe Média TFO, Offering Digital Learning Tools For Francophone Schools.

Sébastien Boulanger (Cossette), the creative behind the original concept, came to us to bring a non-standard commercial project to life. Rather than working on an ephemeral promotional campaign that would run for a couple months, the idea was to run a contest amongst schools in Quebec and Ontario where the winner would have one classroom completly transformed.

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Adding new talents and more disciplines to the Caravane team, we invited the illustrator Marc O’Brien and the industrial designer Matthew Cherkas to join us for this special project.

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E.J. Lajeunesse High School From Windsor, Ontario Won The Contest.

To start, we made a roadtrip to Windsor to visit the school and meet the students, the teachers and the principal to evaluate their needs and get a better understanding of the social context surrounding the establishment.

The classroom was very typical with standard individual desks. Most of the storage space was not properly used and even broken computers were just left in the back of the room.

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The main intention was to create a stimulating space in which teenagers would actually want to be and learn. We also wanted to give the classroom a co-working space vibe, with a younger look and feel.

All the tables were mounted on wheels to allow an easy reconfiguration of the space. Multiples electric outlets and USB plugs were also added to the furniture.

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Every piece of furniture was built beforehand in our studio in Montreal over a two months period. With the exception of chairs, everything was made by hand from raw materials. It was all custom built to anwser to the specific needs of the school, being careful that each element was durable every step of the way.

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  • Client Groupe Média TFO
  • Agency Cossette Québec
  • Production Caravane
  • Art Direction & Design Frédéric Bouin (Caravane), Jean-Constant Guigue (Caravane), Francis Dakin-Côté (Caravane)
  • Furniture Design Frédéric Bouin (Caravane), Matthew Cherkas
  • Mural Artist Marc O’Brien
  • Construction Frédéric Bouin (Caravane), Matthew Cherkas, Jean-Constant Guigue (Caravane), Mathilde Joanny (Caravane), Alexandre D’Avignon, Marc O’Brien
  • Making of Marc-Antoine Doyon, Jean-Benoît Duval, Laurence Turcotte-Fraser